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Fitted Bathroom Furniture

A fitted piece of furniture is specially designed to fit into a specified area and is fixed in place. Innovation and value for money are the key features that bathroom manufacturers’ focus on when creating fitted furniture. Adding these products is a great way to uplift your bathroom décor and though the entire fitted set is expensive but offer better value in the long run. Below we have showcased a complete series of fitted furniture units.

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£184.74 £462.00 3.8 Stars
£254.40 £636.00 Stars
£263.60 £659.00 Stars
£281.60 £704.00 Stars
£364.00 £910.00 Stars
£370.00 £925.00 Stars
£428.80 £1072.00 Stars
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Finishes Available

Tavistock Match 1000mm Furniture Run

£441.60 £736.01 Stars
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