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Bidets have become an integral part of English Bathrooms. There is a misconception that bidets are like toilets, but the primary purpose of Bidet is to wash and clean inner buttocks. Bidets are comfortable to maintain and clean, they are easy to install, and available as either wall hung or floor mounted. Here at AQVA, we believe that your bathroom should be equipped with the most stylish features and appliances you desire. Whether it is the WC or the bathtub, the basin or bidet. We offer a wide range of designs to help transform your bathroom, enhancing the aesthetics and improving the functionality. As one of the leading suppliers of bathroom fittings in the UK, we invite you to browse our extensive selection of bidets from some of the most recognizable names in the industry. We are sure you will find the unit that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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More info rak / METBID
RAK Metropolitan Back To Wall Bidet 525mm £66.01 £139.50 Stars
More info rak / METWHBID
RAK Metropolitan Wall Hung Bidet 525mm £68.07 £139.50 Stars
More info rak / ELENBID
RAK Elena Back To Wall Bidet 520mm £80.24 £154.31 Stars
More info  / ELENWHBID
RAK Elena Wall Hung Bidet 520mm £87.12 £167.53 Stars
Vitra S20 1 Tap Hole Bidet £89.70 £138.00 3.5 Stars
More info pura / B1094
Pura Dekka Back-To-Wall Bidet 540mm £105.18 £175.00 4 Stars
More info twyford / MD3111WH
Twyford Moda Back-To-Wall Bidet 600mm £106.98 £178.30 4 Stars
More info vitra / 5325L003-0288
VitrA S50 Bidet £120.00 £209.00 4 Stars
More info pura / B1088
Pura Arco Back-To-Wall Bidet 550mm £125.79 £210.00 3.5 Stars
More info rak / INFBTWBID
RAK Infinity Back To Wall Bidet 585mm £126.58 £243.42 Stars
Burlington Wall Hung Bidet £132.82 £229.00 4.67 Stars
More info britton / 20.1951
Britton Cube S20 Wall Hung Bidet £133.40 £230.00 3.5 Stars
More info britton / 20.1953
Britton Cube S20 Back To Wall Bidet White £133.40 £230.00 4.5 Stars
More info duravit / 22371000002
Duravit D-Code 525mm Floor Standing Bidet £133.56 £200.40 4 Stars
More info pura / BH1088
Pura Arco 1 Tap Hole Wall Hung Bidet 520mm £137.56 £230.00 Stars
More info britton / 40.1972
Britton Fine S40 Back To Wall Bidet £145.00 £250.00 4.5 Stars
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