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Merlyn Showers

Relive your passions! Enliven all!
Rejuvenate and enliven your bathing and showering experience! Showering is not just a mechanism but more of a lifestyle which Merlyn realises, more than anyone else that give you just a mundane bathing experience with their products. Merlyn makes you relive and realise your showering experience; it recognises the reality that it is a passion to shower in the best and most exquisite showering ensemble, for it is more than just a day to day customary bathing exercise in a prosaic environment. With a unique range of Enclosures, Wetrooms, Shower Trays & Showering Accessories, Merlyn has encompassed every necessary bit for you to exult.

Not just that! The technology with which every piece has been crafted and created gives you immeasurable comfort and makes it effortless in usage, which is, most definitely, an addition to their longevity. They aptly compliment your aesthetics and enhance them, creating a modern and congenial milieu in your bathroom space. The elegance of every piece is too gorgeous to gloat about all your life. Moreover, the exciting ambiance created by them simply refreshes and infuse new energy every time you use them. The tidily and beautifully created beauties from Merlyn’s range are stunning in look and brighten up your decor and bathroom realm with more radiance.

6 Series 54 Products

6 Series

From £160.39
8 Series 96 Products

8 Series

From £245.10
Ionic 32 Products


From £46.98
10 Series 31 Products

10 Series

From £299.38
MStone 32 Products


From £66.71

Top Sellers in Merlyn
Merlyn 8 Series Infold Shower Door - W 700 x 1950mm
Now Rating: Brand Review Star
£575.32 RRP £1128.08
Merlyn 8 Series Hinge Shower Door - W 800 x H 1950mm
Now Rating: Brand Review Star
£544.17 RRP £1067.00
Merlyn 8 Series Sliding Shower Door - W 1600 x 1950mm
Now Rating: Brand Review Star
£787.23 RRP £1543.58