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Merlyn Shower Trays

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Inspire to raise the echelon of magnificence
Aptly stylish and amply durable, The MStone and Merlyt Shower Trays from Merlyn Showering accentuate modernism swathed in trend and innovation. Significantly flexible, perfectly moulded Shower Trays, with reinforced acrylic sheet, are exemplary for their flexibility to create raised level or low level installation. They are crafted to perfection and beauty, and their smooth finish induces minds and encourages intents to have them in the bathroom setting. Overly gorgeous designs and shapes, the stupendous range of MStone & Merlyte Shower Trays comes in attractive shapes like Square, Rectangular, Quadrant & Offset Quadrant, to fit diverse sizes of bathroom and enclosures.

Merlyn Merlyte Shower Trays

They bring illustrious change in the setting with their modern and trendy look, and are sculpted to fit in every dimension, with optimum strength and endure with their heat resistance features.  They have been created with Merlyn Showering’s consummate adroitness and competency, with adjustable and ‘easy-fit’ panel for raised level application. It is also available as an alternative with each tray, alongside the ‘upstand tape’. The Square trays are available in various sizes and shapes. With diversity in shapes, sizes, designs, the Shower Tray are unique in class and style.