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How to Select the Best Basin for Your Bathroom

There is much to consider when choosing a new wash basin for your bathroom or en suite. Not only must the basin be practical and affordable, but as a major focal point of the ‘smallest room,’ it should also be stylish. After all, wash basins are the single most essential feature in every bathroom, and they can be used to confidently define the overall style and décor of the room itself. Bathroom basins are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles, so buyers are somewhat spoiled for choice when it comes to making a selection. However, before investing in a new basin there are a few key points to consider including the size of your bathroom or en-suite, and the style or fashion you are hoping to capture. Are you looking for a clean-lined modern statement, or are you more drawn to vintage or traditional styles? Do you need to maximize the limited space of a small en suite or do you have the luxury of outfitting a larger bathroom? Asking yourself these and other questions will lead you to the perfect basin for your bathroom.

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Size and Shape

One of the primary considerations when shopping for a new bathroom basin is size. Not just of the basin itself but of the bathroom in which it will be installed. For the smaller bathroom or en suite, a cloakroom or corner basin is often the ideal choice. Both make the most out of the available limited space while still delivering a clean and elegant look.

Larger bathrooms provide a wider range of options for the homeowner or interior designer. Classic pedestal and semi-pedestal basins are popular favourites and are available in sleek modern and as well as more traditional designs. Inset basins set into vanities are also a popular option, as are semi-recessed basins that can be partially sunk into a cabinet or worktop. These provide extra storage space and work areas while adding to the bathroom’s overall décor.

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Semi-Recessed Basins

The shape of the basin is often as important as the size. Traditional curved basins fit most bathroom styles without taking up too much space. For those looking to save even more space, or who may be looking for a unique bathroom profile, rectangular basins offer a stylish alternative. These can be fitted flat against the wall, saving space while bringing a sleek contemporary look to a smaller bathroom or en suite.

Types ofBasins

There are a wide variety of bathroom basins from which to choose, but they can all be broken down into four of five basic types.

  • Full Pedestal – The full pedestal basin is, perhaps, the most common of all bathroom sinks. Coming in a variety of styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary, pedestal basins are an attractive alternative to the fixed basin set into a vanity or workspace. The pedestal itself hides and conceals the connecting pipes, giving the unit a sleek and tidy profile. Pedestal basins are a particularly fine fit for small to medium sized bathrooms, and for homeowners working to a tight budget.
  • Semi-Pedestal – Like their larger counterpart, the semi-pedestal basin helps to save space while maintaining a clean and stylish profile. Available in both curved and rectangular models, the partial pedestal helps to conceal the basin’s pipework while allowing for even greater space-saving opportunities.
  • Wall Mounted – Wall mounted basins, including cloakroom and corner basins, are fixed directly to the bathroom wall with nothing covering the pipework underneath. These are ideal when you’re looking to make the most out of limited space. By eliminating the more traditional pedestal, and mounting directly into the wall, it is possible to free up some much-needed floor space while maintaining a clean and contemporary look. Because the bathroom fittings remain exposed, most people opt to add decorative bottle traps to deliver a more finished and pleasing aesthetic profile.
  • Inset and Semi-Recessed – A semi-recessed basin is partially sunk into a vanity or worktop, with the front rim of the basin remaining exposed. The vanity or worktop conceals the pipework, making for a cleaner overall profile. Semi-recessed basins are best suited to medium sized or larger bathrooms where space is less of an issue as the worktop or vanity will naturally extend the footprint of the basin itself.

As you consider the different types of basins available, you should also take a moment to think about the basin taps. You will want a tap that suits the style of the basin as well as your bathroom. Some basins are designed with a single central taphole to accommodate the more modern mixer tap, while others offer twin tap holes to allow for the more traditional separate hot and cold taps.

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Modern vs.Traditional

Of course, for many people, the final choice of bathroom fittings comes down to taste. In most cases, the choice of traditional or contemporary is a matter of personal preference. Still, there are some guidelines that can help inform your choice. While traditional basins, pulling inspiration from vintage sensibilities, can often make for a very inviting bathroom environment they are not always conducive to the smaller modern bath. The modern trend in British bathrooms is an inclination towards the smaller and more compact. For these contemporary designs are often the best choice, as they maximize space while delivering a neutral yet stylish profile. That said, older bathrooms fitted with new fixtures may benefit from the choice of more traditional or vintage designs that remain true to the overall style of your home. Ultimately, however, the choice between modern and traditional styles comes down to your family’s personal tastes and preferences.

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