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Shower Hose

Making life a bit easier sometimes requires a simple step like upgrading or installing functional accessories in your bathrooms. To make your showering session ultimately rejuvenating, we have now displayed a horde of endearing shower hoses. Discover an attractive assortment of fabulous hose varied in sizes and styles, to find just what you are looking for. You can ensure your shower time will be even more significant after you invest in one of our innovative shower hoses. Made from superior quality materials like stainless steel or reinforced PVC, our accessories bespeak long time servitude in your bathroom. They are also visually appealing owing to the stylish finish options available, which will make your shower enclosures exceptionally magnificent. Our products assure a terrific value for money with their perennial longevity backed with extensive guarantees. So go ahead, and customise your shower to the specifications you want. Shop these products at reasonable prices at AQVA Bathrooms that may well inspire some gaga in your shower enclosure!

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£2.00 £3.45 Stars
£4.66 £8.33 Stars
£6.16 £11.14 Stars
£7.66 £13.81 Stars
£11.29 £19.00 4 Stars
More info Premier / A391
Product Variation & Finishes Available

Nuie Round Shower Flex Hose

£11.60 £29.00 Stars
£12.60 £15.65 4.33 Stars
More info flova / KI200D
Product Variation Available

Flova Double-Lock Brass Shower Hose

£19.25 £25.00 Stars
£19.25 £25.00 Stars
£19.78 £30.00 4 Stars
£20.31 £36.00 Stars
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