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Change the look of your toilet by installing designer toilet seats. Below we have showcased a range of toilet seat that features soft close functionality and create a striking look in a bathroom. Feel free to browse our series of toilet seats, and pick the right one that suits your toilet.

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Information on Toilet Seats

For ensuring a pleasant start to you day, a relaxed early morning toilet session is a must, and a strong toilet seat makes that go a long way. However, the process of selecting the right toilet seat is a bit daunting.

Different materials, shapes and amenities
The seat shape and the materials used in the construction are the main things to consider while making the purchase decision. Toilet seats are made of plastic or wood, but higher-end seats come in other materials, making them costlier as compared to the normal ones. The low cost and its proven durability make plastic toilet seats the preferred choice for most buyers. For those who want to go a bit further, wooden seats are more appealing as they can be painted to match the colour scheme of the bathroom.

One should keep in mind that a wooden seat does have exceptional strength, and the possibility of it cracking earlier than its plastic counterpart is higher. Polypropylene seats are now also catching the fancy of buyers. Available in a wide range of colours to match the different decor designs of bathrooms. For senior citizens who find getting up after every use challenging, and those with a physical ailment, specialty seats provide comfort in those private moments. Sitting on a cold toilet seat for a long time in the winter months can be terribly inconvenient, which is where heated toilet seats offer warm comfort to users

Which seat is right for you?
Your seat choice will entirely depend on whether the shape of your toilet bowl is round or elongated. If one dare to experiment and get a toilet seat shape that is different from the shape of your toilet bowl, you would be asking for help sooner than later!

Price Range
Toilet seats are available at difference price points, depending upon your requirement, material choice and budget. The basic plastic seats start from the lowest price points, going up to the comparatively more expensive wooden seats which are also available in different designs and finishes. One can choose from a wide collection of toilet seat brands like Bauhaus, Tavistock, Balterly, Twyoford, and Croydex.