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Sliding Shower Doors

There’s nothing new about sliding shower doors. For years, customers have enjoyed sliding shower doors that work on gliding rollers. A sliding shower door operates by sliding back and forth with the use of integrated rollers and facilitated by a long door span. One side of the door slides inside the other half, providing simple functionality and a wide entrance. But more and more designers are receiving requests from homeowners to get creative with sliding doors and in response innovative, frame-less shower doors came into existence. By adding frame-less sliding shower enclosures, you can add a touch of minimalist class to the room. At AQVA, you can trust us to bring you the best in affordable luxury.

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More info beo / BEO-1943
Beo Framed Single Sliding Shower Door 1000mm £116.65 £260.00 3.5 Stars
More info beo / BEO-2052
Beo Framed Single Sliding Shower Door 1100mm £119.54 £267.00 4.5 Stars
More info beo / BEO-2053
Beo Framed Single Sliding Shower Door 1200mm £123.43 £281.00 3.5 Stars
More info beo / BEO-2051
Beo Framed Single Sliding Shower Door 1500mm £137.73 £320.00 4.5 Stars
More info beo / BEO-2035
Beo Framed Single Sliding Shower Door 1400mm £139.55 £306.00 3.5 Stars
More info beo / BEO-2016
Beo Framed 1400mm Double Door Slider £144.25 £333.00 2.67 Stars
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Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

The sliding nature of the door also means that it does not encroach upon the space inside or outside your bathroom, thereby providing you much more space for installing other bathroom fixtures and fittings while also giving you comfortable showering space. In this economy, it is important that sliding shower door projects be cost-effective and long-lasting. Here at AQVA, we have listed shower doors with and without frames, and we offer them at a reasonable price. Feel free to browse through our series of sliding shower doors and select the right one for your bathroom. Besides easy maintenance, these shower doors are backed by either a lifetime or 10-year guarantee.