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Shower Baths: The P & L Shaped Bath

When it comes to reliable, effective and indulgent shower bathtubs, then you must trust only reliable companies. Products listed at AQVA features designer shape such as L shape and P Shape and is available in different sizes, manufactured by reliable companies. Available at AQVA, for unbeatable prices, these baths listed below add a magnificent touch to your bathroom, and you can experience indulgent bathing experience every day. Available in pure white and sleek design lines, baths showcased at AQVA features the best in design. Quality workmanship from reputed manufacturers and brilliant design are what gives these shower baths a cutting edge. Here at AQVA, we excel in supplying the right type of products for bathrooms in the UK.

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More info Premier / WBP1585L
Product Variation Available

Nuie Premeir 1500mm P-Shaped Shower Bath

£202.40 £506.00 2.83 Stars
£204.60 £535.64 Stars
£213.20 £533.00 Stars
More info imex / IMCRSBLH15
Product Variation Available

IMEX Ronda White Shower Bath

£225.62 £389.00 Stars
More info imex / IMCQSBRH15
Product Variation Available

Imex Quadro White Shower Bath

£237.22 £409.00 Stars
More info idealstandard / E259501
Product Variation Available

Ideal Standard Tempo Cube 1700 x 850mm Idealform Shower Bath

£280.49 £431.52 Stars
£300.17 £375.22 Stars
More info Premier / SBATH20
Product Variation Available

Nuie B-Shaped White Shower Bath Set

£340.00 £850.00 Stars
More info imex / IMPASBRH15
Product Variation Available

IMEX Arco Premiercast Multi Layer Reinforced Shower Bath

£341.62 £589.00 Stars
More info Premier / SBATH28
Product Variation Available

Nuie Square White Shower Bath Set

£344.80 £862.00 Stars
£345.09 £431.36 Stars
More info imex / IMPASBLH17
Product Variation Available

IMEX Arco 1700 x 850mm Shower Bath

£350.32 £604.00 4 Stars
£357.91 £550.63 3.5 Stars
£359.98 £553.81 3 Stars
More info Premier / SBATH24
Product Variation Available

Nuie P-Shaped Shower Bath White

£365.00 £841.00 Stars
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