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Urinals: Designer & Stainless Steel Choices

Urinals are used in commercial places such as hotels, airports, malls, cinemas and many other such places that witness heavy footfalls. Urinals are no longer produced in the traditional oval shape with ceramic construction. Instead, they have experienced a dramatic makeover in terms of shapes, sizes, and materials. At Aqva, we have showcased a series of Urinals from some of the leading manufacturers such as Twyford, Duravit and many more, and they specialize in manufacturing cutting-edge, high-end, top build quality products. At Aqva, we offer a wide variety of makes and models, with pocket-friendly prices to boot. From the battery powered versions to the rimless variant, we have just the one you have in mind for your place of business.

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Designer Urinals for Modern Public Bathrooms

Urinals are bowl-shaped plumbing fixtures, although, the shape of the urinal may differ as there are many manufacturers with designer makes in the market. Urinals are generally used in public places as they occupy less space and are an ideal solution for public buildings. Featuring angled interiors to reduce splashing, and flushing systems augmented with a range of technological innovations, our urinals make for a sensible and clean option, ideal for installation in public restrooms. We have showcased a series of Urinals from reputed manufacturers. Feel free to browse through our series and select the right one for your commercial space.