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Basin Worktops

Bring home the ultimate in style with these stunning pieces of worktop. These high quality products available at AQVA are spacious and lends ample of space for other bathroom accessories. By installing worktops, you can update your bathroom instantly and give your basin a complete makeover. Available in white, oak, maple and cherry, worktops showcased at our online store vary in sizes. They are durable and strong and most importantly they offer extravaganza look. Measure your basin area and then install the right worktop for your bathroom.

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More info britton / AT35W
Finishes Available

Britton Compact 600mm Worktop

£35.00 Stars
More info pura / BQWT55SO
Finishes Available

Pura Bloque Worktop For 470mm Unit

£36.86 £59.00 Stars
More info britton / AT31W
Finishes Available

Britton D30 600mm Worktop

£37.10 3.5 Stars
More info pura / ECWT60SO
Finishes Available

Pura Echo Wooden Furniture Worktop

£40.99 £66.00 Stars
More info britton / AT32W
Finishes Available

Britton D30 900mm Worktop

£55.30 3.5 Stars
£56.77 £126.00 Stars
More info britton / AT36W
Finishes Available

Britton Compact 1200mm Worktop

£66.50 Stars
More info britton / AT33W
Finishes Available

Britton D30 1200mm Worktop

£69.30 3.5 Stars
More info RoperRhodes / F3W15.SL
Finishes Available

Roper Rhodes Hampton 1500mm Laminate Worktop

£74.94 £114.50 3.5 Stars
More info britton / AT34W
Finishes Available

Britton D30 1500mm Worktop

£87.50 4.5 Stars
£92.11 £141.50 4.5 Stars
More info RoperRhodes / SSW8042
Product Variation Available

Roper Rhodes Solid Surface Worktop White

£103.12 £167.00 5 Stars
More info RoperRhodes / F3W6A.AR
Finishes Available

Roper Rhodes Hampton 680mm Strata Worktop

£128.69 £199.00 4.5 Stars
£176.08 £440.00 Stars
More info duravit / LC094C01818
Finishes Available

Duravit L-Cube 800 x 480mm 1 Cut Out Console

£176.26 £259.20 Stars
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