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Shower Diverter

A shower diverter valve is used to divert the flow of water and enables you to use a showerhead or a handset. Usually, they works with a lever and direct the flow as required. Whether you are looking for a diverter for a body jet or a shower, we have you covered. Diverters for single, double and triple outlets are now available at a bargain price. Below we have displayed valves in metallic finishes like Chrome and Gold. Feel free to browse our series and select the right one for your bathroom.

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More info rak / RAKPES3020-1C
Product Variation & Finishes Available

Rak Petit Concealed Square Diverter Valve

£89.10 £198.00 Stars
More info rak / RAKPER3020-1C
Product Variation & Finishes Available

RAK Petit Round Concealed Diverter Valve - Wall Mounted

£89.10 £198.00 Stars
£135.07 £233.00 4 Stars
£175.55 £299.00 1 Stars
£175.55 £299.00 Stars
£189.82 £359.08 Stars
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