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Shower Valves

There are different types of valves available for showers, depending on their nature of operation. The most commonly used valves that are used in bathrooms are thermostatic valves and manual valves for showers. Whether you’re thinking of replacing an old valve or you just desire to upgrade to a more technologically advanced valve, we have one to suit all types of showers. We are also mindful of those shoppers who lay emphasis on design and style and have accordingly stocked up on items sporting a variety of looks; from sleek and stylish modern contemporary to a more traditional style. In the end, the choice you make, whatever it may be, will help to deliver a sensational showering experience.

Thermostatic Valves

From £15.75

Manual Shower Valves

From £25.23

Stop Valves

From £4.20


From £44.25

Rigid Riser Kit

From £223.50

Thermostatic & Manual Showers

Add a touch of style and charismatic flair to your bathroom by installing these finely sculpted and honed shower valves from some of the most reputed bathroom product manufacturers. We stock a complete series of designer and regular shower valves which can facilitate showering and provide a holistic showering experience. Our range is versatile; from cutting edge and upscale thermostatically controlled mixers, many of which offer remote control operation to programmable ones which incorporate latest technology for temperature setting as per needs of different users and then there are valves fitted with anti-scald mechanisms as standard on most of the thermostatically operated mixer valves. The mixer valves range from exposed to fully concealed, which enable these to be installed in an existing shower enclosure.