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Modern Radiators for Homes & Offices

Radiators have become an integral part of every home, with extensive use in winter. These appliances are useful in getting rid of freezing temperatures as well as creating stylish homes. At AQVA Bathrooms, we have a complete range of radiators, and we are sure one can find the right radiator based on their requirement. Radiators create a relaxing environment in a home, and with Designer Radiators one can give their home a complete makeover. Below we have listed a complete range of Modern Radiators that vary in size, shape and price.

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Designer Radiators

A Designer radiator can hide away unsightly elements such as fins and tubes with a beautiful front body. Also, they are so stylishly made that they can instantly add panache to a dull space and become the centre of attraction. Above, we have showcased modern radiator, which comes in a range of styles and finishes. An important thing to keep in mind is that a radiator must be selected depending on the size of a room.

A large radiator in a small room can make the room look unbalanced and may excessively heat up the room. Similarly, a small radiator won’t be able to cover the area of a larger room and would not be able to adequately heat the room. If you are facing any difficulties with your orders or selection, please call our helpline at 0116 251 6487 and our sales representative would be happy to assist.