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Modern Radiators for Homes & Offices

Radiators have become an integral part of every home, with extensive use in winter. A Designer radiator can hide away unsightly elements such as fins and tubes with a beautiful front body. Also, they are so stylish and can instantly add panache to a dull space and become the centre of attraction. We have displayed modern radiator, which comes in a range of styles and finishes. An important thing to keep in mind is that a radiator must be selected depending on the size of a room. A large radiator in a small room can make the room look unbalanced and may excessively heat up the room. Similarly, a small radiator won’t be able to cover the area of a larger room and would not be able to adequately heat the room. At AQVA Bathrooms, we have a complete range, and we are sure one can find the right radiator based on their requirement.

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More info dq / A4.600/3

DQ Heating Adara 4 Column 592mm High Radiator

£80.54 £140.40 Stars
More info dq / A3.600/3

DQ Heating Adara 3 Column Radiator

£94.34 £111.60 Stars
More info dq / Cove 550/7
Finishes Available

DQ Heating Cove 550mm High Single Sided Horizontal Radiator

£99.94 £137.38 Stars
More info dq / A2.600/3

DQ Heating Adara 2 Column Radiator

£104.04 £126.00 5 Stars
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