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Quadrant Shower Trays Offset Sizes Available

Quadrant trays are suitable for quadrant shaped shower enclosures that can easily become the focal point of the bathroom. The most beautiful shower enclosures can be marred by trays which develop cracks but here at AQVA we offer trays that are hardwearing yet lightweight. These quadrant trays available in right-angled or offset versions. We understand the value for money and showcase only the best of shower trays.

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Know More about Shower Trays Showcased at AQVA

Our Quadrant shower trays take up minimal floor space in the corner, whilst still providing a generous area for you to shower. Offset quadrant shower trays maximize your shower area when one wall of a corner is shorter than the other. Some of the shower trays are lightweight, for easy handling and fitting. Discover innovative and strong shower trays showcased at AQVA Bathrooms.

At AQVA Bathrooms, we’ve always been happy to present a wide range of choices. Below, we have showcased an array of quadrant shower trays, which differ in size, style, and material. All shower trays showcased above carry a guarantee and are manufactured using the toughest material. Make your selection of high-performance shower trays from one of the largest bathroom suppliers. Above, we have listed a complete range of Quadrant trays that vary in size and material and represent reputed brands. If you would like to know more about, “How to Buy a Shower Tray,” then click here.