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Centrafill Bath Filler Taps

Centrafill Bath Fillers is the latest buzzword in the bathroom industry. Recently innovated, these mixers are the latest introduction in brassware technology. Centra-fill taps fill your baths without the fuss of a spout. Take a look at these amazing fixtures for baths that will add a wow-factor in your bathroom. 

15 Products

Designer Centrafill Bath Filler Taps now available

Going overboard on the designer aspects in a scheme of things can sometimes become too much of a good thing. Keeping it minimalistic and then selecting the right product can give a bathroom just the right lift. But the way you wish your bathroom to look and feel is entirely upto your tastes and choices. Above we have showcased Centrafill bath fillers from world class brands. We recommend selecting similar type of brassware for your bathroom, for uniformity and freshness.