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Tumbler Holder

A tumbler holder provides the ideal platform as an alternative to placing a tumbler or toothbrush holder on the basin. Clutter can cause stress besides being an eyesore, so one needs to make sure their bathroom is clean and clutter free. Here, we have showcased toothbrush and tumbler holders for bathrooms, where one can keep their toothbrush and toothpaste in a designated place. Your Bathroom is a personal space, so you should decorate it with objects that are functional and practical in use.

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Chrome & White Tumbler Holders

Above we have showcased a full series of tumbler and toothbrush holders from various suppliers all over UK and Europe. Feel free to browse through our selection and pick the right toothbrush and tumbler holder for your bathroom. Strikingly different tumbler holders and toothbrush holders displayed at Aqva, add an interesting dimension to the bathroom, one of style and elite luxury.