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Front Bath Panels

Front panels beside having ornamental value do a great job of covering ugly undersides. They are designed to provide stylish exteriors with recessed or freestanding bathtubs. Bath Panels depicted at AQVA are available in either acrylic or wood material. A range of panels, which come in oak, maple, cherry and white finishes make an interesting viewpoint in any bathroom. The addition of a front panel can provide the final flourish your bathroom needs to be complete. We stock a range of products that vary in size, style and finish. Feel free to browse through our range and select the right one. If you have any queries, please call us at 0116 251 6487 and our sales representative will assist you with any queries you may have.

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More info trojan / B640
Product Variation Available

Trojan Supastyle White Front Bath Panel

£29.77 £125.00 1.47 Stars
More info essential / EP622
Product Variation Available

Essential White Straight Front Bath Panel

£33.30 £62.78 1.57 Stars
£36.70 £92.00 Stars
More info frontline / TRSSFPW
Product Variation Available

Frontline Superstyle Front Bath Panel

£48.20 £89.00 Stars
£51.47 £151.00 Stars
£54.17 £108.85 5 Stars
£62.18 £156.00 Stars
£62.55 £139.00 Stars
More info pura / PB3SP1500
Product Variation Available

Pura Universal Front Bath Panel

£62.78 £103.00 Stars
More info vitra / 51500006000
Product Variation Available

VitrA Economy Front Bath Panel

£63.99 £128.00 Stars
More info pura / PBSQSB1500SP
Product Variation Available

Pura SQR Shower Bath Front Panel

£74.55 £123.00 Stars
£74.55 £123.00 4 Stars
£76.56 £145.62 Stars
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