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Basin Bottle Traps With Extension Pipes

The utility of Bottle Traps in making our chores easier and our lives comfortable cannot be over emphasized. Strategically positioned and attached to the outlet, akin to basin wastes, they play a crucial and indispensable role in maintaining hygiene in the bathroom. Preventing the infusion of unpleasant smells from the drainage system and designed to keep blockages at bay, they perform a key function in keeping your bathroom clean and odour-free. Thus, there are numerous bottle traps that have been classically designed to elegantly suit the basin and the bathroom space and modern ones too with advanced technology.

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Chrome & Plastic Bottle Traps

As one of the most crucial bathroom accessories, Bottle Traps come in diverse shapes and sizes to fit every bathroom setting. Withstanding and enduring heavy water movements and evacuating waste particles from the basin with adeptness, bottle traps are apt fittings for the washbasins. To make the bottle trap a truly functional product, it is equally important to have a compatible basin. At Aqva, you’re bound to find the best-in-class bottle traps in chrome finish and plastic material, and at rock bottom prices like nowhere else. Bottle Traps are also available with extension pipes.