Baths: Bath Feets & Panels

A Bath present in a bathroom can make bathroom a wonderful place. The beauty of a bathroom stands out with a nice designer bath. At AQVA, we have listed thousands of baths, which vary in shapes and size, along with its accessories. You can trust AQVA, to help you update your bathroom with a fresh look. We can help you to achieve the look of one-of-a-kind bathroom, as we have a selection of large bath tubs, which is available at an affordable price range.

A Range of Baths

There are twice as many ways to make your bathroom attractive and practical. Above we have showcased bath ranges and its accessories. You can combine these above accessories with your bath to create stately elegance and create a bathroom that excels in form, function and style. Feel free to select the right bath and its accessories, and if you have any doubts or queries please give us a call or drop an email to us.