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Non-Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

One of the main advantages of installing a non-lit Bathroom mirror is that it is easy to install, and easy to take care of. This type of mirror does not need to be connected to the mains and will last comfortably unless it is broken or damaged. The bespoke mirrors depicted at AQVA come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can fuse well with either modern as well as traditional style bathroom. We have listed a mix of choices in portrait and landscape format. Each of these beauties has been selected by our team to suit metropolitan bathrooms. Feel free to browse our series, and select the right one at bargain prices.

199 Products
More info RoperRhodes / MPS402
Roper Rhodes Hannah Bevelled Mirror £58.37 £89.80 3 Stars
More info RoperRhodes / HAM420M.W
Finishes Available
Roper Rhodes Hampton 450 x 700mm Cloakroom Mirror £58.95 £90.70 Stars
More info tavistock / LAN600M.LW
Finishes Available
Tavistock Lansdown Wooden Framed Mirror 570 x 800mm £59.22 £98.70 Stars
More info RoperRhodes / HAM600M.VN
Finishes Available
Roper Rhodes Hampton 570 x 800mm Vanilla Mirror £74.75 £115.00 Stars
Vitra Classic 600mm Mirror £80.60 £124.00 Stars
Vitra Classic 800mm Mirror £86.45 £133.00 2 Stars
More info Burlington / M6OW
Finishes Available
Burlington 600mm Framed Mirror £119.40 £199.00 Stars
More info RoperRhodes / HAM1200M.MC
Finishes Available
Roper Rhodes Hampton 1200mm Mirror Mocha £146.90 £226.00 Stars
More info Burlington / M90G
Finishes Available
Burlington 900mm Framed Mirror £173.42 £299.00 Stars
More info Burlington / ARCA39 CHR
Finishes Available
Burlington Arcade Square Wall Mounted Swivel Mirror £199.20 £249.00 Stars
More info Roca / 812288000
Roca Access Tilting Mirror 600 x 800mm £203.25 £372.00 Stars
More info Imperial / XWT0019020
Imperial Thurlestone Small Mirror 690 x 690mm £216.00 £270.00 3 Stars
More info Burlington / M12OG
Finishes Available
Burlington 1200mm Framed Mirror £219.82 £379.00 Stars
More info RoperRhodes / SYS70AL
Product Variation Available
Roper Rhodes System 500 x 700mm Mirror £224.25 £345.00 Stars
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