Merlyn 8 Series Side Panel 1000 x 1950mm

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The beauty of this Merlyn 8 series side panel speaks for itself. With a minimum of 950mm up to a maximum of 970mm wet room adjustment and minimum of 970mm up to maximum 990mm tray finish, it is also substantiated by certifications like CE approval. The certification approval is a declaration of Merlyn products in compliance with European health, safety and environmental protection. The Mershield protected clear glass comes with a bright chrome, hand polished frame colour. What more can one say about Mershield glass, it is well known for its long lasting shine and no cleaning features. To total up Merlyn offers a lifetime guarantee. Do not miss this.

  • Merlyn 8 Series Side Panel
  • Made from 8mm toughened clear glass
  • Frame Colour : Hand polished bright chrome
  • Width of side panel is 1000mm
  • Height of this side panel is 1950mm
  • 20mm adjustment
  • Mershield Protected Glass
  • Mershield glass protects and prevents the glass from soap depositing and formation of lime scale on its surface, which makes the shower glass easy-to-clean; further, it eliminates the need to clean the glass, keeping it shiny for long.
  • Lifetime guarantee from Merlyn covering all manufacturing defects
  • Merlyn is known for its safety, endurance and water retention feature, and rigorous testing of all products to meet High Industry standards.
    It is also substantiated by Certifications like CE Approval, which is a declaration of Merlyn’s products’ compliance with the necessary requirements of the European health, safety and environmental protection
  • Tray Finish (Min-Max) :
    Minimum - 970mm up to Maximum - 990mm
  • Adjustment/ Wetroom (Min-Max)
    Minimum - 950mm up to Maximum - 970mm

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