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There has always been something extremely immortal and timeless in regards to Italian architecture. Its unique flavour and elegance are two ways in which these pieces can be defined. However, we live in modern times and bathrooms now require modern solutions for traditional needs. This could very well be one of the reasons why the Italia collection of shower enclosures inspired and created by Imperial has become so very popular in recent times. The simplicity associated with these enclosures is perhaps only surpassed by their minimalist design. If you have been searching for an understated sense of functionality within your bathroom, you have come to the right place.

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The Italia collection is available in a frame-less configuration or a semi-framed design (depending upon your personal preferences). There are seven different variations to choose from; each of these associated with an Italian name. Silver trim serves to accentuate their tempered glass construction and every unit is provided with a robust ten-year warranty to inspire even more confidence in their integrity. A proprietary HighGLASS coating also boasts a superior level of transparency. This is not often witnessed when referring to generic alternatives. Please take an in-depth look at these amazing shower enclosures to learn more about their benefits.