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Radox Radiators Premier

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There are many essential accessories which are found within the modern bathroom. Towel rails and radiators are arguably some of the important ones, as they provide you with a means to increase the indoor temperature when the outside temperature dips. Towel rails also ensure a continuous supply of hot and dry towels that comfort you in the cold. However, there is no reason why such units should be associated with a purely functional appearance. The designers at Radox have created their Premier line in an attempt to bridge the gap between accuracy and contemporary allure. The collection exhibits a unique synergy of high-gloss simplicity alongside what can only be called a bespoke visual appeal.

The Premier range of radiators includes both flat and curved models and is one of the finest towel radiators in the UK with a price that matches the best. Tested to the highest standards, these will ensure efficient heating while the subtle curve of the curved units increases the depth and allows for easier towel storage. These are also aesthetically appealing while holding a greater number of towels. The radiator units exhibit a minimalist appeal and can be procured in a number of configurations (depending upon the needs of your bathroom). It is also possible to pair these heating elements with the selection of other bathroom products.

Radox Premier XL Flat Horizontal Heated Towel Rail
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