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Radox Radiators Quartz

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Do you consider yourself to be a purist in regards to the design elements found within your home? Have you been less than satisfied with the more generic options intended for your bathroom? Either of these situations can be remedied by choosing Quartz, a collection of radiators and towel rails envisioned and developed by Radox. While a strong emphasis has been placed upon sheer functionality, the designs to be encountered within this selection leave little to be desired in regards to modern elegance. These are also perfectly appropriate choices if you require an understated appeal as opposed to a more outlandish appearance.

The Quartz collection can be defined by the presence of minimal, square shapes and strong linear elements. Thus, these pieces should be able to work in conjunction with other accessories within your bathroom. The range of options is also quite impressive. These innovative glass radiators inject the room with colour along with impressive warmth. These come in mirrored finishes and can also be fitted with a towel bar. The Exclusive Quartz range of radiators feature glass fronts and have a frameless design and come in electric and dual fuel choices. Quartz Range is also available with bespoke digitally printed images that can be made to order.