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Britton Cleargreen

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Britton always strives to comes-up with intelligent bathing and showering systems that are practical and aesthetically pleasing. A bath is the most important element in the bathroom area and makes an eye-catching focal point. Besides, choosing the right bathtub for your requirements is essential. Cleargreen range of baths is trendy and suffused with elegant design and magnificent beauty, and provides endless convenience. Offering a modern feel, this collection of products is inspired by a rich heritage and is yet trendy and modern.

Convincing Beauty!

The Britton Cleargreen baths are a superior mix of style and offer a wide choice of size and model configurations to meet your needs. From freestanding and showering baths to single and double-ended ones, each manufactured from 30% recycled material, thus helping the environment. Engineered with extra reinforcement, Cleargreen baths are the most strong and durable baths available. The baths retain heat for 30 minutes longer than standard baths providing you with a longer, more relaxing bath.