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Britton Shower Valves & Kits

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Designed by International designer Tim Powell to meet the highest standards of the most fastidious homeowner, Britton meticulously manufactures a host of showering products. Little wonder then that these products are the preferred choice of the population. Britton has an impressive collection of shower valves and kits to provide you with the ultimate experience. Shower valves are perfectly functional bathroom elements that combine beauty and brawn.

Rejuvenate In Style!

Shower valves and kits enhance your showering sessions making them enjoyable and safe. The new thermostatic shower valves are paired with charming shower heads to uplift the mood in the space and are a delight to use. The valves incorporate an automatic adjuster that maintains a constant temperature by adjusting the flow of water to each element, thus preventing scalding. Choose one from the many available kits to create your personalized showering zone.