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DQ Heating Stainless Steel

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Home heating has always been an essential factor in the UK. Heat up the living space and make a bold statement with Stainless Steel Radiator collection from DQ Heating. Stainless steel is a significant material for designer radiators because of their currently popular silver tones. Steel also offers efficient functionality compared to other material and is eco-friendly too. When you are looking for the very best in these radiators, then you must consider the ranges Alisi, Dune, Siena, Oasis and more from DQ Heating.

Efficient & Durable!

DQ Heating radiators are made from high quality stainless steel and are available in a variety of finishes and colours. Some of the ranges have an excellent contemporary tube on tube styling, some are slimline, and all of them offer excellent physical characteristics. Made for both vertical as well as horizontal mounting, these sport brilliant steel finishes, adding opulence to the surrounding. A powerful heater, every radiator is a class apart and will perform beyond your expectations.