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Duravit SensoWash

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For anybody who loves to have their toilet clean, Duravit Sensowash is a darling. Innovation and commitment from Duravit has made it possible to bring the market a product, that leaves their toilet sparkling clean and as refreshing as one would always imagine. The product re-defines your quality of life and ushers you into a totally different world of class and style. Duravit Sensowash is as altruistic as it looks and is designed for the toilet. It functions in several ways, which include: rear wash, comfort wash, hot air dryer and memory key for two users. Sensowash is also user friendly and is earth conscious because of its water saving flush.

Why Duravit SensoWash Toilets and Bidet?

With Duravit’s Sensowash, one can be sure that they experience a pleasant comfort. The rush to leave the space due to unhygienic reasons will be eliminated while using the cleaning agent. More importantly, you will receive value for your money while using the Sensowash. Ultimately, Duravit’s Sensowash is a product that one cannot afford to live without if they are concerned about hygiene.