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Geberit Push Buttons

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From small acorns are great oaks born. The growth of Geberit could be the live portrayal of this saying. Starting from meagre beginnings in 1874, it has acquired the distinction of becoming Europe’s leading manufacturer of sanitary products. Its stringent quality control measures, usage of superior quality raw material and artistic craftsmanship have enabled it to produce goods that boast not only of a high standard of functionality and durability but also artefacts of supreme appeal and allure.

Also Features Palm Push Buttons

Bathroom sanitary ware is an essential part of enhancing the beauty of the décor. While artistically shaped and crafted cisterns add beauty to the washroom, their functionality is an important factor in its utility value. Push buttons form an essential element of the cisterns. Geberit, aware of the significance of this segment, has come up an array of push buttons, both, from its Mechanical and Pneumatic ranges. Designed to enhance the beauty of the cistern, each is sturdily built to provide you with unhindered service for years to come.