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Ideal Standard Studio

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Explore a spa-like expedition and soothing extravaganza in your home with the Ideal Standard Studio range installed. Beyond class and meticulous geometric of measurements, every piece in the range has been crafted to precision to behove every space with elegance and style. Transcending style conceptions to a new high and horizon, the company pioneers the domain with extravagantly classy ranges of bathroom ceramics. The range is the outcome of a successful partnership between the brand and ace designer Robin Levien. The Studio range consists of basins, toilets and accessories in delicate designs to suit tastes and practical requirements. Compared to Studio, the STUDIO ECHO range of products is more refined, with pure and organic shapes, with smaller tanks and slim seats. Updated to meet the demand of the discerning, modern homeowner, it is minimal and fantastic at the same time. Soft curves, basins in 2 sizes, dual flush options in WC and options in wall hung and floor standing installations define this range.