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If you’re looking for bath or shower room grab rails, you’re in the right place. Smedbo Living range of rails will help you to feel safe when you’re entering or leaving the bath or shower. As well as helping you feel secure this range looks good too, and you’ll have the choice of a wide range of different polished or brushed stainless steel rails. If you want that touch of safety with a bit of elegance thrown in for good measure, then the Smedbo Living range is perfect for you and your bathroom. Take a look at this lovely new range today, and make sure you choose the right rails for you.

Smedbo Living Bathroom Accessories

Brighten up staid spaces in the bathroom with the Designer Grab Bars. These Grab Bars from Smedbo Living Range adds support for elderly and disabled’s. These grab bars from Smedbo sets up the perfect Bathroom Tone and suit the UK lifestyles, as well as features excellent shape for optimum comfort. Browse the complete range of Smedbo Grab Bars above and select the right one for your bathroom.