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Tavistock Mirrors And Cabinets

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Gorgeousness beyond measure  Intricate, delicate yet strong and perfect for elegance, the ranges of Mirrors & Cabinets from bathroom furniture, created by Tavistock, invoke magnificent splendour and flamboyance, for one and all, to stay mesmerised perpetually. Nothing short of grace and grandeur, the mirrors and cabinets serve quintessentially in every space, as perfect storage solutions, concealing the unsightly things, enhancing the aesthetics of the decor. The Single & Double Mirror Door Cabinet with Florescent Lighting in the range amply befit every bathroom setting.

Why A Bathroom Looks Gorgeous After Having Tavistock Mirror?

Moreover, glowingly gorgeous, every piece in the series has been meticulously crafted to precision, to bolster the style quotient of every space with magnanimous finery. The finesse of the finishes excels the conventional ones and exceeds everybody’s expectation. Also, the Backlit & Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors, like the rest in the series, aptly serve the purpose consummately, whilst enthusing rejuvenating and enlivening aura in the space. Nothing less of sublime exclusiveness is spread all over, for you to gloat forever. Tavistock has made the entire range easily affordable, for all to own it.

Tavistock Core 450 x 700mm LED Illuminated Mirror
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£160.20 RRP £267.00