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Willing to give a pleasant surprise to your aged parents, look no further; add Avalon Assistive to their bathrooms from the house of Twyford, they will happier more than your expectation. Twyford Avalon, comprises of vital support systems, in the bathroom, which not only helps in delivering comfort to the aged and disabled, but also allows them to use the bathroom on their own. Utmost care is taken by Twyford, in designing every detail of Avalon, to ensure, the purpose is served unconditionally.

Twyford Avalon Rimless Toilets

Why Select Avalon Rimless Toilet? When it comes to hygiene and an aesthetically pleasing design, you cannot beat a rimless toilet. Due to the sheer amount of bacteria that accumulates on a toilet, no matter how often they are cleaned, manufacturers have begun to design rimless toilets. Because there is a smaller surface area on a rimless toilet and fewer awkward to clean places, there is less for the user to clean, which means there will be fewer bacteria, which has to result in a healthier environment. Rimless toilets are also starting to appear in hospitals as they’re so much easier to keep clean, and help to give the hospital a modern look. You will also find rimless toilets appearing in public toilets too, as they are more user-friendly and help to promote a cleaner environment. This means rimless toilets are ideal to use in the home, and will give your bathroom that clean and modern look everyone wants.

Twyford Avalon Rimless Back-To-Wall WC Pan 700mm
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£371.60 RRP £655.46
Twyford Avalon Hinged Support Rail
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£145.91 RRP £257.34

Twyford Avalon Back Support With Cushion For WC
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£87.99 RRP £155.26