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Twyford Doc M

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Let the elderly and disable live independently with Twyford Doc M. Twyford once again proves its supremacy by manufacturing Doc M, a series of vital assistive, which makes the bathroom comfortable for elderly and less able individuals. It becomes extremely difficult for an elderly or disabled person, to make use of even the most essential items in the bathroom like a normal person. Keeping this in mind, Twyford has designed some outstanding supports, rails, grab bars, and other such elements that allow the weakest person to use the bathroom, independently.

Why Twyford Doc M Proves To Be Right For Aged And Disabled?

Twyford Doc M includes a massive collection of grab rails, toilet seats, back support with cushion, and support rail featuring toilet roll holder, in white, blue, and grey finishes. Doc M assistive are available in a pack, which means, the entire bathroom can be made user friendly for less able individuals . Doc M assistive are made strong, to bear the load of heaviest person while the colour option, gives the opportunity to them, who has weak eyesight. Give a perfect independence to your aged parents, by choosing Doc M from Twyford.

Twyford Doc.M Shower Pack With Grab Rails And Seat
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