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Aqualisa Aquatique

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Surprise, your family with an understated, yet classic look of Aquatique from Aqualisa. Featuring a traditional look, Aquatique Valves from Aqualisa, are equipped with the latest, Thermostatic technology, which offers you safe, unprecedented showering for years. The innovative bi-metallic valves, control the flow of water and temperature, instantly, allowing you to customize your showering sessions. Even children can enjoy their showering with easy function of Aquatique Mixer Showers. All the elements of Aquatique carry a 3 year guarantee from Aqualisa.

Aqualisa Aquatique Shower Heads - Fixed - Adjustable

Aquatique is another form of diversity in simplicity. The simple, glorifying lines, allow you to adorn Aquatique Mixer Showers and Heads for your any bathroom; traditional or modern. Fantasize you designer instinct by choosing concealed or exposed mixer showers in chrome or gold finishes. Fixed Drencher Heads of 5 and 8 inch diameter can be availed from Aqulalisa Aquatique, and for those, who need to change the height of shower heads, can opt Adjustable Shower Heads.