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Ranges of Aqualisa

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Aqualisa Axis


Relish every showering moment in a fascinating style with Axis, a series of trendsetting shower valves, heads, and taps, from the renowned house of Aq...

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Aqualisa Vitalise


Revitalize every morning with sensational showering brought to you by Aqualisa, in the form of Vitalise Electric Showers. Authenticity of Aqualisa is ...

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Aqualisa Quartz


Restore classic showering with a modern twist; add Quartz, a trendsetting collection of showers brought to you by Aqualisa. Technologically advance an...

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From £56.07
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Aqualisa Visage

Fascinating showers will be a part of your daily routine with Visage, a jaw-dropping collection of Digital Showers from Aqualisa. Renowned for its supreme creations, Aqualisa has made style and innovation, a regular benchmark. Intelligently poised with the latest features and attributes, every element from Visage Shower reveals sensational rapture, when it comes to a quick morning refresher or an evening tranquil.

From £27.72
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Aqualisa Midas

Seal style in your bathroom for many seasons and enjoy matchless practicality with Midas, a collection of swanky shower valves from Aqualisa. Innovatively created to perfection, Midas Shower Valves render sensational comfort, with its easy-to-operate and reliable, thermostatic features. The bar valves from Aqualisa Midas are highly rated among architects and discerning homeowners. Do not miss out to add exceptional showering elements from Aqualisa Midas, grab your bar valve, today.

From £364.77
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Aqualisa Aquavalve

Mesmerizing showers can now be a part of your daily life with Aquavalve, a trendsetting collection of showering elements from Aqualisa. Aquavalve features Mixer Shower Valves with concealed or exposed options, which can be seamlessly coupled with adjustable or fixed shower heads, and body jets, to make you enjoy your every showering moment. The adjustable shower heads, from Aqualisa Aquavalve are ideal for bathrooms used by children also, where the height of the head can be adjusted as per requirement.

From £469.98
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Aqualisa Aquatique

Surprise, your family with an understated, yet classic look of Aquatique from Aqualisa. Featuring a traditional look, Aquatique Valves from Aqualisa, are equipped with the latest, Thermostatic technology, which offers you safe, unprecedented showering for years. The innovative bi-metallic valves, control the flow of water and temperature, instantly, allowing you to customize your showering sessions. Even children can enjoy their showering with easy function of Aquatique Mixer Showers. All the elements of Aquatique carry a 3 year guarantee from Aqualisa.

From £103.32
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Aqualisa Aquamixa

Encounter the rarest! The famous Bathroom Company Aqualisa is proud to introduce Aquamixa, a series of sensational showering elements that are rare to be seen and hard to believe. By presenting the most unprecedented bath shower mixers with exposed or concealed, fixed shower heads, Aqualisa proves that they only manufacture astonishingly pleasing elements. All the bath shower mixers of Aqualisa Aquamixa series are accompanied with a shower kit, making showers gleefully practical.

From £74.69
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Aqualisa Showers

If you feel that customized showering is not possible, then you might be proved wrong with the riveting range of Showers from Aqualisa. The range comprises splendiferous showering kits, including shower mixers and shower heads, power showers, electric showers, and shower pumps. The shower heads are available in fixed and adjustable styles while some of the mixer showers feature the latest thermostatic technology, delivering thrilling showers, safely.  Aqualisa Showering Kits are a melange of expertise and creativity.

About the Brand


Immerse into sensational enthusiasm of showering with ingenious supremacy of Aqualisa. Adhering remarkable quality control, Aqualisa presents some of the vital showering elements, in style.  With Aqualisa’s Showering, a whole new world of aqua pleasure will explore. Aqualisa not only provides refreshing showers but also transcends even an understated bathroom, to a luxuriously alluring one. Comprising a wide range of showering elements, Aqualisa will leave no one at your home, away from stupendous glee.

Aqualisa Shower Valves - Heads - Riser Rails - Handsets

Aqualisa Showers exhibit a wide array of showering elements, to make every moment, pleasingly splendid. Featuring Electric Showers, Shower Valves, Shower Heads, Riser Rails Kits, Shower Handset, and more, Aqualisa adds immense practicality to traditional as well as contemporary bathrooms. Technologically advance electric showers and shower valves with digital display and push button control renders safe showering with accurate delivery of desired water temperature. The enormous series of shower valves, exposed or concealed, fulfills practical and aesthetical desires.

Top Sellers in Aqualisa
Aqualisa Dream Concealed Thermostatic Shower With 105mm Adjustable Head
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£354.69 RRP £563.00

Take your showering moments to a luxuriously satisfying level with this stunning Thermostatic Shower from the designer Dream range of Aqualisa, UK’s l...

Aqualisa Aquavalve 700 Concealed Valve With Turbostream Fixed Shower Head
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£641.34 RRP £1018.00

Keep your bathroom uncluttered and bereft of ugly and space consuming large brassware fittings. Small can indeed be beautiful if they are Aqualisa fit...

Aqualisa Quartz Digital Divert Wireless Remote Control
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£87.57 RRP £139.00

With the Aqualisa Quartz Digital Divert Remote Control, you can turn on, turn off or divert any digital divert quartz shower installations. This remot...

Aqualisa Dream DCV Concealed Mixer Shower With Adjustable Head - HP Combi
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£371.70 RRP £590.00

Aqualisa Dream DCV Concealed Mixer Shower With Adjustable Head - HP Combi.

Aqualisa Aquatique Exposed Valve With 8 Inch Fixed Drencher Head - Chrome
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£600.38 RRP £952.99

Let your bathroom emanate an aura of majestic royalty by installing Aqualisa Aquatique Exposed Mixer Valve With 8 Inch Fixed Drencher Head. Artistical...

Aqualisa Aquatique Chrome 8 Inch Drencher Fixed Head And Wall Arm
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£162.54 RRP £258.00

Aqualisa Aquatique Chrome 8 Inch Drencher Fixed Head And Wall Arm.

Aqualisa Aquamixa Bath Shower Mixer With Turbostream Fixed Shower Head
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£516.61 RRP £820.01

To give a scintillatingly refreshing twist to your showering moments, install this imposing Bath Shower Mixer from the impressive Aquamixa range of Aq...

Aqualisa Aquatique Exposed Valve With Fixed 5 Inch Drencher Head - Chrome
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£544.32 RRP £864.00

The Aqualisa Aquatique Exposed Valve with Fixed Drencher Head is a beautiful fusion of old world charm with new age convenience. Presented in splendid...

Aqualisa Aquavalve 700 Exposed Shower Valve With Turbostream Head - Chrome
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£546.21 RRP £867.00

The famous brand, Aqualisa, has blended beauty and modern functionality in the contemporary Aquavalve Exposed Shower Valve. The riveting shower valve ...

Aqualisa Quartz Concealed Digital Shower With Adjustable Head - Gravity
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£597.87 RRP £949.00

Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower With Adjustable Head - Gravity Pumped.

Aqualisa Midas 100 Bath Shower Mixer With 90mm Harmony Head And Kit
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£195.30 RRP £310.00

Aqualisa proudly comes up with the Midas Bath Shower Mixer to give you revitalising showers every morning. The solid metal marvel comes beautified wit...

Aqualisa Axis Digital Wired Remote Control - EX-DISPLAY
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£71.78 RRP £100.00

For elegantly elevating the style element of your bathroom decor, install this designer Digital Wired Remote Control from the trendsetting Axis range ...