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Duravit Foster

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Presenting polished sanitary wares from Duravit that offer true reflection of the beauty of a bathroom space. If you are looking for bathroom products such as basins, hand rinse basins, toilet seats and toilet pans, the Duravit Foster collection needs to be considered as the first choice. Designed by Norman Foster, these smart pieces of sanitary wares suits and compliments the look of the modern bathrooms. Secondly, these bathroom products satisfy the needs and wants.

Why Duravit Bathroom_Foster Fittings?

The pristine white finish of sanitary wares from Duravit Foster series will soothe your eyes, and their innovative and creative shape will wrap you in a sense of intimacy. Besides, having a designer shape, these sanitary wares are functional and blend beautifully with other bathroom décor. Browse the entire range of Duravit Foster bathroom products above, and select the right one for your bathroom.