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Heritage Heated Towel Rails

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Inhabit in luxuriating warmth Defy nippiness and drastically plummeting temperature; dare the hoarfrost conditions, with the ever-comforting warmth of the Heated Towel Rails, from the geniuses, Heritage. Immanently capable and proficient – Heritage, empowers you to swathe yourself in luxuriating tenderness and warmth, in the most inclement weather conditions such as the wintry gusts, which otherwise, end up giving you shivers and trepidations. The range emanates pure minimalism and conjuring spell of magical warmth to serenity, to endure unbearable cold.

What Makes Heritage Heated Towel Rails The Most Preferred Ones?

Standing as benchmarks for quality, style and elegance, at par with outstanding performance, the Heated Towel Rails embody thoroughly consummate demeanour, atone to Heritage’s provenance of traditionalism and innovative insights. Standardised to exceed expectations, as proficient exponents of ultimate aptitude and competence, the heated towel rails or towel dryers are simplistic in operation, and equally intelligent in managing the internal temperature, offering snuggling and caressing warmth, toasting towels as per need. Thus Heritage, yet again, replicates its classy creative facets to satiate one and all.

Heritage Cabot Heated Towel Rail 590 x 1500mm
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£523.13 RRP £675.00

Heritage Winchester Heated Towel Rail 610 x 915mm
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£383.63 RRP £495.00
Heritage Clifton Baby Heated Towel Rail 500 x 940mm
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£368.13 RRP £475.00
Heritage Victorian Heated Towel Rail 675 x 940mm
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£294.50 RRP £380.00
Heritage Portland Heated Towel rail 575 x 850mm
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£279.00 RRP £360.00