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Hudson Reed Colosseum

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There are few materials which are capable of matching the truly timeless appearance and durability of metal. Metal also emits radiant heat and is ideally suited for radiators and towel warmers. Bespoke designs by Hudson reed in the Colosseum range of heating appliances boast a classical appeal which few contemporary pieces are able to match and yet, they have been designed with modernity in mind. The synergy of these two concepts has led to a decidedly unique selection of products for those who have been looking to add an old-world personality to their existing bathroom. The inclusion of white and black in the finishes serves to add an additional flavour to these products and naturally, they are associated with the very same sense of reliability that has come to define this range of products as a whole. Vertical and horizontal tubular design is likewise capable of adding a subtle sense of beauty to the room while not overwhelming the environment.