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Shower Accessories

Apart from showers, a fully functional showering space will require showering accessories such as shower heads, hose, arms, and kits. From time to time, these showering accessories get damaged, and consumers have to go looking for the particular accessories. Consumers can now simply select the desired item which they would like to change or replace from our inventory and make huge savings. These fittings are available in various sizes and shapes.

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More info abode / AB2440
Product Variation Available

Abode Euphoria 15mm Flow Restriction Valve

£3.50 £5.00 Stars
£10.25 £15.00 Stars
More info flova / FVKI119
Product Variation Available

Flova Wall Mounted Shower Handset Holder

£14.73 £21.00 Stars
£15.08 £22.00 Stars
£16.25 £24.00 Stars
£18.02 £27.00 Stars
£18.75 £25.00 Stars
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