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Slide Rail Kits: Brassware Shower Body

Another piece of brassware that is a must in any shower is the Slide rail. A slide rail holds your shower head in place when you are looking for a comforting hands-free wash. These may or may not include a soap dish. The new series of Slide Rail Kits depicted at AQVA features streamlined modern looks and innovative designs that make a stylish addition to any bathroom. Our outstanding prices are another reason to buy from us. If you are looking for a sophisticated and elegant shower rail at an affordable price range, have a look at our series. Who does not like choices? Bold, Striking and unforgettable are the three words that come to mind after having a look at our choices of the slide rail kits. At AQVA, we offer the best collection that varies in shape, style, size, and finishes.

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More info flova / STSS
Product Variation Available

Flova Str8 Shower Slide Rail

£123.20 £160.00 Stars
£133.50 £210.20 Stars
£135.21 £241.00 4 Stars
£143.40 £239.00 Stars
More info flova / DESS
Product Variation Available

Flova Dekka Shower Slide Rail

£146.30 £190.00 Stars
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