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Aquadart Venturi


Explore, the bliss of showering, with Venturi, an outstanding collection of shower quadrants, shower doors, and side panel from Aquadart. Since, its e...

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Aquadart Inline


Glide into the adventurous Inline range of Shower Enclosures from Aquadart. Soaring as a perfect metaphor for grace and opulence, the Inline series co...

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Aquadart Wetroom


The resplendent range of Wetrooms from Aquadart has its opulent way, with its graceful presence in every bathroom. The grandeur of your bathroom exhil...

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Aquadart Screens

Enjoy soothing and replenished showering experience with the Shower Screens from Aquadart. They are exemplary in look and flamboyance, and their presence induces minds, captivates senses and attracts envying gazes. Their class is identified with their irresistible features like clear glass, 25mm generous adjustability profile for out-of-true walls, measuring 1400 and 800mm in height and width; 8mm British kite marked toughened safety glass, clean and clear glass which is easy to clean and maintain it, also, some with elegant round edges. The enigma of the bath screens surpasses the mundane, enhancing the aesthetic beauty and inflating your showering pleasure dramatically.

Shower Trays
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Aquadart Shower Trays

Eternity and Class is a part of Aquadart and can be experienced from the wide range of Shower Trays. Designed and created for almost all the shower enclosures and shower quadrants, Aquadart Shower Trays also play a vital role in sustaining, and holding unforgettable showering moments. ABS Capped Resin Stone construction coupled with Slimline Design makes every Aquadart Shower Tray reliable and worthy.

About the Brand


Feel enveloped in bliss and idyll! Aquadart has meticulously compiled the vast range of Shower Enlosures, Cubicles and Cabins, which includes variations such as Elation, Inline, Wetroom, Screen and Brassware. They range has been built to give you optimum warmth and comfort in your home.  Now, simply soak in the shower in your bathroom that is enshrouded in the fantastic range of beauties. Scrupulously crafted to perfection, the hoard of beauties is available in diverse dimensions. In spite of the changes in the weather, the pleasure and joy is static and in perpetuity.

Aquadart Brassware | Shower Screen | Shower Tray

Designed to grace every decor, the masterpieces are true of exponents of astonishing dexterity. The setting gets sumptuous with the classy range. The quality performance and innovativeness reflect copious adroitness of Aquadart. The potency of functionality and elegance in style is balanced and displayed in proper moderation, in order to yield comfort and ebullience alike. The merchandise spruces up the aesthetic with outstanding gorgeousness and class. In spite of quality performance and sophistication in style, the entire range is reasonably priced.

Top Sellers in Aquadart
Aquadart Venturi 6 1700mm Sliding Shower Door
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£318.45 RRP £607.95

The Aquadart Venturi 6 Sliding Shower Door is perfect for a corner installation with the addition of a side panel or for cordoning off a wall alcove a...

Aquadart 1500mm x 2000mm Wetroom 8 Glass Panel With Return
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£329.45 RRP £628.95

Aquadart brings you the Wetroom 8 Glass Panel, a clever design that encompasses 8mm toughened glass for your complete safety and showering pleasure. A...

Aquadart Venturi 6 900 x 900mm Single Door Shower Quadrant
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£274.45 RRP £523.95

The Aquadart Venturi 6 Single Door Shower Quadrant is perfect for installation in a bathroom corner, saving space while also being fully functional. I...

Aquadart Venturi 8 900mm x 1900mm Side Panel For Shower Enclosure
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£178.75 RRP £288.75

Create an artistic, inviting shower space in your bathroom with the addition of Venturi Side Panel, manufactured with utmost precision by Aquadart. Th...

Aquadart Rectangular 1100 x 700mm Shower Tray
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£108.60 RRP £146.00

Aquadart Rectangular 1100 x 700mm Shower Tray.

Aquadart Rectangular 900 x 760mm Shower Tray
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£94.50 RRP £135.00

This fabulously elegant Shower Tray from Aquadart is designed to empower you with joyously satisfying showering moments. Meticulously crafted from top...

Aquadart Venturi 6 1200 x 900mm Double Door Offset Shower Quadrant
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£318.45 RRP £607.95

The Aquadart Venturi 6 Double Door Offset Shower Quadrant is alluringly curvaceous and a stylish solution for the bathroom that requires a corner spac...

Aquadart Inline 1200 x 900mm 3 Sided Hinged Shower Door And Side Panels
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£611.05 RRP £1166.55

Planning on redoing your bath space or creating a new one? Just make sure to include the best shower enclosures that will enhance the experience of th...

Aquadart Rectangular 1400 x 800mm Shower Tray
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£208.00 RRP £298.00

The rectangular slimline shower tray is a presentation from Aquadart’s extensive range of top quality, rectangular shaped shower trays designed to ram...

Aquadart Wetroom 8 Walk-In 1000mm Shower Panel With Ceiling Post
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£274.45 RRP £523.95

Aquadart Wetroom 8 Walk-In 1000mm Shower Panel With Ceiling Post.

Aquadart Wetroom 8 Walk-Through 1000mm Shower Panel With Ceiling Posts
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£342.65 RRP £654.15

Aquadart’s Wetroom 8 Walk-Through Shower Panel combines high levels of aesthetics and utility value. This single panel can serve as a walk-through wet...

Aquadart Wetroom 10 Walk-In 900mm Clear Glass Shower Panel
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£181.50 RRP £346.50

The Aquadart Wetroom Walk-In Shower Panel is designed to complement modern life and living spaces with use of modern materials and optimum use of spac...