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Now, get more diversity and depth; add it up to your decor, with the Claremont & Claremont Regent Series from Burlington.
Get beyond just beauty!
Include more brass that glistens, offsetting dimensions and luxuriating decor with the Claremont series of Taps from Burlington. The elegant curvaceous shapes and intricately crafted designs of basin taps, bath taps, bidet taps, and thermostatic shower valves from this range rouse up the mood in the decor to exhilarate senses boundlessly, with creative shades.

Burlington Claremont Regent Basin Taps | Bidet Taps | Bath Taps

To complement it, Burlington’s Claremont Regent is a synonymous eclectic range that appears as a lovable unit when kept to a cohesive design and hue base, with further added beauty. Just sprinkle little spice and fluid of beauty to your bathroom and kitchen with the differently dazing Taps from this series.  Just sprucing up your decor with good looking products is an obsolete story. Today, giving more essence and soulful mood to your decor, which infuses more vim to the ambiance is the modern outlook.  The taps from the Claremont Regent range do just that.
The quality focus of Burlington is evident in the Claremont and Claremont Regent series.  Needless to say, the Claremont & Claremont Regent accentuate finesse and precision, and made to plumber’s delight and convenience. 

Burlington Claremont Deck Mounted Bath Filler Tap
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£195.05 RRP £399.00
Burlington Claremont Wall Mounted Bath Filler Tap
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£195.05 RRP £399.00
Burlington Claremont Chrome Plated Bath Taps
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£78.10 RRP £159.00