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Burlington Trent

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Evoking pride in what you possess!
Zeal and zest are instincts! Explore them and boast about it! With perfect contour and display as the most elegant fitting in your bathroom, The Valves from the Trent series raise your decor up. Burlington’s creation of the Trent series of Valves is a quintessential ingredient for a sumptuous bathroom, and an idea worth stealing, for all your guests and visitors. The niche and neat display of this piece of classy brass is a magnificent spectacle to savour forever.

Burlington Trent Concealed Shower Valve with Kit

It not only adds great modernistic look to your decor, but also adds that little completeness to the space with a little pinch of glimmer and gloss. It’s a well-crafted piece unto precision, with an authentic emphasis on the ethnic look of beauty. This also appears as an ideal piece for your bathroom, for its diversity in structure, shapes, sizes and delicate detailing. Your bathroom, fitted with Valves from the Trent Range, which is one of the classics from Burlington, will be the winner of countless hearts.