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Heritage Roll Top Baths

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Own what you deserve You deserve the ultimate pleasures of life and ecstasy to elevate your lifestyle. There’s plethora in the Roll Top Baths collection to satiate your fond aspirations and desires. You’re also privileged to indulge in elitism of soaking in delightful cuddles thoroughly, every time. The pleasure and joy derived is priceless, and the reinforced quality that yields such a delight is invaluable. Heritage’s approach to reassure you of the quality, minimalism and functionality has superseded the most in the league, due to their true spirit and virtuosos in doing so.

What Makes Heritage Roll Top Baths, Priceless?

The acrylic build and thermal properties endow you for your prudence in choosing the apt one for your bathroom that will attain more practicality and efficacy. Heritage’s irresistible Roll Top Baths surface as the most exhilarating elements providing unprecedented comfort and serenity, managing the warmth of water appropriately, enveloping your senses and body, to lie relaxed and unwind. The range holistically brings unmatched grandeur to the bathroom, due to the majestic look and minimalism. They have redeemed ponderate ideas and amassed technology resources to build the best-in-class.

Heritage Hylton 1730mm Freestanding Acrylic Bath
Now Rating: Brand Review Star
£1846.00 RRP £2600.00
Heritage Holywell 1710mm Freestanding Acrylic Bath
Now Rating: Brand Review Star
£1775.00 RRP £2500.00