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Kaldewei Duo Series

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If you are looking for a stunning range of baths then you cannot go wrong with the ASYMMETRIC DUO, Centro Duo, Classic Duo, Mega Duo and Plaza Duo Baths. This is because you will find they have been created to ensure you get the best bathing experience while enjoying a unique piece of element you can be sure that everyone will love. The Duo range of baths are quite unique and perfect if you want to save a bit of space in your bathroom, but you want it to look magnificent all the same. With a large range of different baths that will take your breath away, Centro Duo, Classic Duo, Plaza and Mega Duo is something you certainly need to consider. If you love to share a bath with someone special, it is this range you need to think about buying as there is plenty of room for two. Stop putting up with a bath that is too small, take a look at this range and you’ll have everything you need to make bath-time special.

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When it comes to the range of ASYMMETRIC DUO, Cono Duo baths, you can be sure that even if you have a very small bathroom, they will fit in quite nicely. Asymmetric Duo range of baths is quite unique as they come with a well-proportioned storage shelf that helps to give it that modern yet thoroughly unique look. If you want a bathroom that is quite unlike any you have ever seen before, you can be sure that you will love this range. The elegance, style and sophistication are features you will love every time you walk into your bathroom.