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Twyford Assorted Baths

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A refreshing bath adds enthusiasm in your life, and you feel lively. To make your every bathing energetic, Twyford presents a series of breathtaking Baths. Mystic characters and intricate detailing help you attain the rarest of comfort with Twyford Baths. These baths also feature slip resistance surface and bath grips, allowing you to comfortable access the bath, without any hesitation of slipping. Now without the exceeding your budget, luxury of Twyford Baths can be enjoyed from Aqva Bathrooms.

Why To Choose A Slip Resistant Bath?

There are hundreds of bath manufacturer in the market, but the company that understands your requirement in the best way, is Twyford. Displaying a plethora of assorted baths, including single-ended, double-ended, and steel baths, Twyford proves its understandability, for every bathroom. The slip resistance surface of Twyford Baths makes them a reliable addition to any bathroom. All the baths from Twyford come with a 25 year guarantee, so relax in a tranquil and enjoy glorious bathing sessions.

Twyford Neptune Plain Steel Bath 1700 x 700mm
Now Rating: Brand Review Star
£194.88 RRP £343.79

Twyford Aspect 1700mm Single Ended Acrylic Bath
Now Rating: Brand Review Star
£124.62 RRP £219.96