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13 Taps Concept You Can't Miss
By AQVA Bathrooms Bathroom Taps

Taps give functionality, aesthetics and identity to a basin or sink, which is clearly the focal point in the scheme of things in the bathroom. A product that is unique, stylish, new age and technically advanced makes it special and easily recognizable amongst users. Products carry the imprint of the brand or range and can convey many things through their profiles.

Take a look at these genius concept designs designed by innovators at Aqva Bathrooms. These are sure to take your living spaces to another level with a promise of futuristic appeal. These visually stunning creations will greet you each morning and remind you of the immense value they bring to your home and user experience.

If you are someone who loves artefacts, then these taps carry the imprint of modern-day artefacts so you can pick one that expresses your personal style. These faucets combine high quality craftsmanship with artisan designs to bring you a smart, authentic addition to your space.

1. Tap

Tap 1

This tap is all about a crisp, clean, geometric format accentuated with an eye-catching contrasting finish. Showcasing pure modernity, the tap makes the perfect use of contrasts that forms the basis of modern artefacts. The use of matt wood and shiny chrome polish gives the unit a captivating personality and stupefying aesthetics that will match perfectly with modern basins.

2. Tap

Tap 2

Take a look at this Tall basin Tap, conceptualized with square rigid format!! The faucet sits attractively at the deck and has a bold dramatic appearance that belies its simplicity. Effortlessly functional, it is crafted in sturdy metal and polished off in chrome finish. The bland monotony of the tap is interrupted by a contrasting intricately carved wooden design, both in the spout and the tap body.

3. Tap

Tap 3

With its unique modern design, this Tap can almost double-up as a piece of decor in a modern home setting. This contemporary design unit has a slim blocked profile enhanced by the use of matt polish. This tap is made out of durable stainless steel that will thrill you for years. Suitable for use on modern washbasins or with washbowls, it is versatile and functional.

4. Tap

Tap 4

This wonder in gloss black or matt chrome is an assortment of 3 pieces, the base, the main body and the lever. The resulting creation has a smooth look that is pure ecstasy. The interplay of rounded and rigid lines carved in metal gives it a gorgeous look. Aqva Bathrooms introduce this wondrous mix of aesthetics and functionality for the contemporary home-a concept that will forever change the ideas around taps.

5. Tap

Tap 5

The tap design showcases the simple straight profiles, transformed into a masterpiece with the contrasting use of wood and metal effects. The dual finished look so achieved makes it ideal for use in a host of different settings. The tap is created from heavy-duty base materials with a slim spout on a broader main body. The upper part of the tap also works as the lever to control the on and off mechanism.

6. Tap

Tap 6

Brilliantly practical, this counter-top unit has a 2 hole format, with the control lever at the side of the main tap body. This tap shows how a simple twist can create gigantic surprises in design. Its wooden under surface with contrasting main metallic surfaces lends it a uniqueness that makes it stand apart. A continuous single curved profile extends and ends with the spout having a slim opening for smooth water flow. It is also conceptualised in 2 different contrasting metallic finishes for getting a stunning effect.

7. Tap

Tap 7

The texture of the matt metal easily accentuates the simplicity of the rectangular format in this 2 hole concept. The lever and spout make a stunning partnership and need no interference, using minimalism to advantage. This tap is simply the perfect addition to an ultra-glam space. Steel construction completes the picture while the intrinsic ceramic disc mechanism assures fault-free working.

8. Tap

Tap 8

The most striking aspect of this metallic faucet is the contrasting shiny metallic finish. Sitting pretty at the deck, the tap displays a geometric profile with a unique spout design. It impresses with its stunning artifact like design and signature contrasting finish. The contemporary and classy appeal is just what your uber-stylish setting needs.

9. Tap

Tap 9

Our next concept is a bundle of contrasts, be it the finish or size. It has a tubular main body, with a narrow tubular spout. The metal and wood have been combined in a strategic way to give a product that is stunning and very different from the standard taps we see around. Two-toned metallic finish along with wood finish create the desired effect. Infused with top quality raw materials, the design impresses you with its innovation.

10. Tap

Tap 10

Most people are used to seeing this kind of fixture in a sci-fi movie, but they are in for a treat as our designers have transformed this bold idea into a tap. Sitting attractively at the basin, we are any homeowner would delight at the presence of this fixture at the wash station. The delicately curved disc at the centre is the spout where the water flows out in a gushing stream on moving the lever at the top. The tap also lights up thanks to the LED lights contained within its format.

11. Tap

Tap 11

This Robot design gives the tap a life of its own. Taking the shape of a robot-like creation, the highlight of this tap is its intelligent use of square fragments. Just as effective at the washbasin, as it is elsewhere, this tap is conceptualized and carved out in superior grade metal with a polished steel finish. The spout has a slim aperture for a wide cascade of water.

12. Tap

Tap 12

Hammer and Nails is the inspiration behind the design of this mixer, the tubular bend inspired by the hammer handle. A stylish twist on the original hammer, the spout features the lever at the top of the head that can be moved to activate the flow of water from the spout which is located beneath. A contrasting finish with nail pattern at the base has been used for better effect.

13. Tap

Tap 13

This designer mixet will invoke a sense of pride, especially for those with a love for the extra-ordinary. The 3-hole design uses squares and curves as well as the contrast of finishes to create a stunning concept. The square spout in the centre is flanked by 2 levers at the sides, made from high-grade metal and finished in a smooth matt metal finish of pink and chrome. The ingenious design has a movable spout at the centre.


Innovative design coupled with unmatched functionality are the hallmarks of a good mixer tap together with ease of use. The use of contrast in form, finish and shape led to new innovative design as seen in iconic conceptual art pieces from a variety of time periods, especially modern artefacts. Inspired by single or assembly of common objects, artefacts come with distinct formats and so also our tap ideas. The use of reduction and contrast create visually splendid designs that are also equally practical. Each piece in the collection of our conceptual taps has a story to tell, be it in form, function or utility.

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