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Buying Guide on Basins
By AQVA Bathrooms Bathrooms

Basins Buying Guide at Aqva Bathrooms

Buying the right kind of basin for your bathroom is important since the sink will both need to be functional and create a dazzling centerpiece in the room. There are plenty of styles of basins to choose from, and here we have highlighted the pros and cons of different models.


Traditionally basins are full pedestal, with the pedestal covering the pipework of the sink all the way to the ground. Half pedestal sinks are also available, with the pedestal supporting the sink and going halfway to the floor, covering pipes until they go inside the wall. Pedestal basins are best suited to heavier sinks that will need the support that a pedestal gives, as well as to bathrooms with thin walls that might not bear the weight of a wall mounted sink.

Full Padestal Basin
Half Pedestal Sinks

Wall Mounted Sinks

Wall mounted sinks hang directly from the wall, with pipework disappearing into the wall behind the sink. This gives an attractive look to the bathroom, besides providing lots of storage space under the sink. However, heavier sinks cannot be wall mounted, and you'll need to have a good, thick wall to support the weight of the basin. When you need to make use of limited space and create an airy feel, a wall hung basin will serve the purpose well, be it as a centerpiece or corner installation.

Wall Mounted Basin

Half Recessed Basins

Half recessed sinks are dropped into a countertop, with the lip of the sink remaining outside the counter. A semi-recessed basin is used with worktops or vanity units and offers plenty of counter space for placement of soaps, shampoo, and other products. Blending seamlessly with existing furniture, these can be a stylish option. However, the material of the countertop will determine how heavy your sink can be. Cleaning the rim of the sink can also be difficult.

Semi Recessed Basin
Semi Recessed Basin

Counter Top Sinks

Countertop sinks tend to be bowl-shaped basins that simply sit on the counter of the bathroom. These sinks are a modern-day modification of the traditional washbowl and pitcher, found in the Victorian era homes. The latest versions use modern materials, updated technology and can be teamed with stylish taps. Again, this is an attractive option and is quite fashionable. Heavier sinks can often be mounted this way, but you will need to ensure that the countertop is strong enough to support the basin.

Counter Top Sink

Size and Shape

One of the primary considerations when shopping for a new bathroom basin is size. Not just of the basin itself but also of the bathroom. For the smaller bathroom or en-suite, a cloakroom or corner basin is often the ideal choice. Both make the most out of the available limited space while still delivering a clean and elegant look.

Larger bathrooms provide a wider range of options for the homeowner or interior designer. Classic pedestal and semi-pedestal basins are popular favourites and are available in sleek modern and as well as more traditional designs. Inset basins set into vanities are also a popular option, as are semi-recessed basins that can be partially sunk into a cabinet or worktop. These provide extra storage space and work areas while adding to the bathroom’s overall décor.

Large basins

Classic Pedestal Basin

Large basins

Semi-Pedestal Basins

Large basins

Inset Basin

Large basins

Semi-Recessed Basins

The shape of the basin is often as important as the size. Traditionally curved basins fit most bathroom styles without taking up too much space. For those looking to save even more space, or who may be looking for a unique bathroom profile, rectangular basins offer a stylish alternative. These can be fitted flat against the wall, saving space while bringing a sleek contemporary look to a smaller bathroom or en-suite.

Types ofBasins

There are a wide variety of bathroom basins from which to choose, but they can all be broken down into four of five basic types.

  • Full Pedestal – The full pedestal basin is, perhaps, the most common of all bathroom sinks. Coming in a variety of styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary, pedestal basins are an attractive alternative to the fixed basin set into a vanity or workspace. The pedestal itself hides and conceals the connecting pipes, giving the unit a sleek and tidy profile. Pedestal basins are a particularly fine fit for small to medium sized bathrooms, and for homeowners working on a tight budget.
  • Semi-Pedestal – Like their larger counterpart, the semi-pedestal basin helps to save space while maintaining a clean and stylish profile. Available in both curved and rectangular models, the partial pedestal helps to conceal the basin’s pipework while allowing for even greater space-saving opportunities.
  • Wall Mounted – Wall mounted basins, including cloakroom and corner basins, are fixed directly to the bathroom wall with nothing covering the pipework underneath. These are ideal when you’re looking to make the most out of limited space. By eliminating the more traditional pedestal, and mounting directly into the wall, it is possible to free up some much-needed floor space while maintaining a clean and contemporary look. Because the bathroom fittings remain exposed, most people opt to add decorative bottle traps to deliver a more finished and pleasing aesthetic profile.
  • Inset and Semi-Recessed – A semi-recessed basin is partially sunk into a vanity or worktop, with the front rim of the basin remaining exposed. The vanity or worktop conceals the pipework, making for a cleaner overall profile. Semi-recessed basins are best suited to medium sized or larger bathrooms where space is less of an issue as the worktop or vanity will naturally extend the footprint of the basin itself.

As you consider the different types of basins available, you should also take a moment to think about the basin taps. You will want a tap that suits the style of the basin as well as your bathroom. Some basins are designed with a single central taphole to accommodate the modern mixer tap, while others offer twin tap holes to allow for the more traditional separate hot and cold taps.

Large basins

Full Pedestal

Large basins


Large basins

Wall Mounted

Large basins


Modern vs.Traditional

Of course, for many people, the final choice of bathroom fittings comes down to taste. In most cases, the choice of traditional or contemporary is a matter of personal preference. Still, there are some guidelines that can help inform your choice. While traditional basins, pulling inspiration from vintage sensibilities, can often make for a very inviting bathroom environment, they are not always conducive to the smaller modern bath. The modern trend in British bathrooms is an inclination towards the smaller and more compact. For these contemporary designs are often the best choice, as they maximize space while delivering a neutral yet stylish profile. That said, older bathrooms fitted with new fixtures may benefit from the choice of more traditional or vintage designs that remain true to the overall style of your home. Ultimately, however, the choice between modern and traditional styles comes down to your family’s tastes and preferences.

Large basins

How to Select The Right Basin Waste?

All you have to do is choose the right one, particularly, the brand and the make, which suits your basin. The latest trendy basin designs do not necessarily come with holes for chain accessories. Nowadays, the contemporary yet stylish wastes come with myriad choices such as click clack waste, un-slotted waste, and wastes with chain and plug accessories that synchronize well with every bathroom space and decor.

Types of Basin Waste

Some of the popular pieces in the plethora of basin wastes will most assuredly offer you the kind of functionality and durability you desire for your bathroom. Most of the basin wastes offer simple operation and usage which makes it easier to drain water and other waste materials from the sink. There are numerous wastes in the cache viz. Pop-up wastes or the flip-top basin wastes. Also, there are the most compact and minimalist looking ones that blend in discreetly and subtly. The push-button types are one of the most modern and innovative basin wastes although the pop-up types maybe the most popular, assuring easy operability, longevity, and hassle-free usage.

Pop-Up Waste
Flip Top Waste
Push Button Waste

The Pop-up Waste

The "pop-up" waste operates the drainage plug by lifting a lever up and down, which is located directly behind the faucet, a smart, simple way to empty the bowl. With the push-button waste, there is no need to put your hands into the basin as a simple pushing down of the button activates it. For your convenience, Aqva has compiled all of these and a lot more, on its web-store to offer them at irresistibly low prices.

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